San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc.

Privacy Policy

We, San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”) acknowledge that in view of importance of personal information, we are responsible for taking the necessary measure to protect the personal information that we collect. To fulfil the responsibility we will make efforts to appropriately handle and protect the personal information (“Personal Information”) to be protected under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Act”) in accordance with the following policy (“Policy”).

1. Compliance

Upon handling the Personal Information, we will comply with the Act and the relevant laws and regulations (“Act and Regulations”) and this Policy.

2. Collecting Personal Information

Upon collecting the Personal Information, we will specify the purpose of use thereof and obtain such information in a legitimate and fair manner. The purpose of use of the Personal Information that we collect are as follows, provided, however, that in case we separately notify you of or publicly announce any other purpose of use, we may also use the Personal Information for such purpose.

(1) Personal Information of directors, officers and employees of our customers, business partners and other companies (“Customers”) and if such Customers are individuals, the Personal Information of such Customers
  1. Shipment of products
  2. Sending information about products, services or events
  3. Provision of product support or maintenance service
  4. Responses to inquiries
  5. Placement and acceptance of orders, and performance of contracts
  6. Communication, discussion, business negotiations or meetings with Customers
  7. Management of Customers data and processing of payment procedures and receipts of payments
(2) Personal Information of government office workers and civil servants
Communication with, reporting to, inquiries into or other contact with competent governmental authorities required for the execution of business
(3) Personal Information of applicants for employment (including internships) at us
  1. Provision of recruitment information to and communication with applicants for employment (including internships)
  2. Management of employment-related information at us

3. Management of Personal Information

We will take necessary and appropriate measures to protect the Personal Information that we collect from leakage, loss or destruction, etc. and to manage and handle the Personal Information in safety.

4. Non-provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Without your prior consent, we will not provide or disclose the Personal Information to any third party, except for cases permitted under the Act and Regulations.

5. Disclosure to Third Parties Subcontracted

In case that we subcontract all or a part of handling the Personal Information to any third party, we may provide such subcontractor with the Personal Information retained by us without your consent to the extent necessary and indispensable for the business to be subcontracted. In such case, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over such subcontractor to secure safety management of the Personal Information.

6. Disclosure and Correction, etc. of Personal Information

If you or your agent request us to disclose, correct, add or delete the Personal Information retained by us or take any other action with respect to such Personal Information, we will respond to such request(s) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Act and Regulations.

7. Continuous Improvement

We will continuously improve this Policy considering change of social situation and actual operation of this Policy.