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EMIQ® (Antioxidant of natural origin)

Antioxidants are essential in protecting foods from deterioration and also in maintaining product quality in modern society.

We recommend EMIQ® (our product containing Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin) as an antioxidant. Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin is derived from rutin, which is extracted from the flowers and buds of the Japanese pagoda tree. EMIQ® can prevent flavor degradation and discoloration from light or aging, as well as preserve freshness.

Flowers and buds of sophora tree
Flowers and buds of the Japanese pagoda tree
(Sophora japonica L.)

Characteristics of EMIQ®

  • Derived from a natural plant
  • High solubility in water
  • Prevents deterioration from sunlight
  • Tasteless and odorless antioxidant for beverages
  • Clean label
UV Light

Major Product Information

  • SANMELIN® AO-3000