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Myricitrin (Natural Flavor Substance)

Chinese Bayberry
Chinese Bayberry
(Myrica rubra Sieb. et Zucc.)
Growing consumer demand for natural food ingredients has also been driving the shift toward naturally-derived colors and flavors. Myricitrin, a flavoring material derived from Chinese Bayberry, has a flavonoid structure and thus can absorb ultraviolet ray, which causes food deterioration. This enables the material to inhibit flavor degradation in food.

Furthermore, myricitrin is suited for use in beverages containing fat as it reduces the occurrence of off-flavors caused by deterioration of fat. Made from natural ingredients, myricitrin enables the supply of clean label food products.

Characteristics of Myricitrin

  • Natural flavor substance
  • Derived from Chinese Bayberry
  • Clean label
  • Prevents deterioration from sunlight
  • Extends period of stability
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Major Product Information

  • SANMELIN® YO-1844