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For a uniform and heat-stable brilliant red

San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc. proudly offers our Beta-Carotene series, developed with our proprietary emulsification technology to offer an extensive shade range and stable performance in beverages and foods.


  • Wide color range, from cloudy yellow-orange to red-orange
  • No ringing, sedimentation or attachment to bottle
  • Excellent heat and light stability
  • Easily dispersible for superior performance in beverages
  • Insensitive to pH and Brix


Beverage Confectionery Baking

*Recommended applications: Beverage, confectionery, frozen desserts, processed foods, etc. Color tone may vary depending on formula.

Challenges with Ringing

Beta-carotene, available both synthetically and naturally, allows food manufacturers to create appealing orange shades. However, emulsification stability issues can lead to unevenness over time, becoming particularly apparent with ringing and sedimentation in beverages. We’ve developed our beta-carotene color series to address this issue, resulting in resilient colors that remain stable and evenly dispersed, even throughout long-term storage.

Extensive Range of Hues

Beta-carotene colors typically impart yellowish-orange color tones. Using our proprietary technology, we have developed beta-carotene colors with a wider shade of hues, ranging from more yellowish-orange to unique reddish-orange color tones.

When dissolving in water ···

Our Beta-Carotene


Our Beta-Carotene dissolves quickly and uniformly.

Syrup (Brix 50) stored for 1 month

Our Beta-Carotene


Prevent ringing with our Beta-Carotene.

Available Markets

U.S., China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia *

* For beverage only in Indonesia.