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PureRadishTM Series The first odor-free red radish color for clean flavor and vibrant red

San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc. proudly offers our new odorless red radish color, developed using our proprietary deodorization technology and strictly managed by us from farm to final product.


  • Odor-free through unique technology
  • Controlled from seed to product
  • Superior application in flavor-sensitive products, especially beverages
  • Bright orange-red tone close to Red 40/Allura Red
  • Excellent heat and light stability


Beverage Confectionery Baking

*Color tone may vary depending on formula.

Off-Flavor Challenge

Though red radish imparts attractive orange-red hues, its potent off-flavor has made it difficult to use in flavor-sensitive applications, especially beverages. To specifically address this challenge, we have developed a new odor-free red radish color series so that food and beverage manufacturers can achieve unique and vibrant hues without the unpleasant off-odor associated with red radish.

Managed from Seed to Final Product

In response to the growing demand for reliable and sustainable sourcing, we strictly monitor the red radish for the PureRadish™ series from seed to final product. We’ve partnered with contracted farmers to ensure year-round supply at stable prices.