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For a uniform and heat-stable brilliant red

San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc. proudly offers our Tomato Lycopene series, developed with our proprietary emulsification technology to ensure superior stability and easy application.


  • Attractive cloudy red color tone
  • Easily dispersible for superior performance in beverages
  • Resistant to sterilization
  • No ringing, sedimentation or attachment to bottle
  • Insensitive to pH and Brix


Beverage Confectionery Baking

*Recommended applications: Beverage, confectionery, frozen desserts, processed foods, etc. Color tone may vary depending on formula.

Heat Stability Challenge

Tomato lycopene offers a range of attractive natural red hues for food manufacturers. However, when exposed to a variety of elements, particularly heat processing, lycopene is susceptible to breaking down, resulting in uneven, faded color tones. With our proprietary emulsification technology, San-Ei Gen has developed lycopene colorants resistant to sterilization so that manufacturers can achieve even, resilient tones in processed foods and beverages.

Easy Application in Beverages

Lycopene crystals have been known to be insoluble in beverages, easily precipitating and forming rings. San-Ei Gen’s tomato lycopene series instead disperses uniformly in liquids – even without stirring – for easy and attractive application in beverages.

When dissolving in water ···

Our Tomato Lycopene


Our Tomato Lycopene dissolves quickly and uniformly.

Beverage stored at 60°C for 2 weeks

Our Tomato Lycopene


Prevent ringing and precipitation with our Tomato Lycopene.

Available Markets

U.S., EU, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc.